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This Scarf/Wrap uses the 3’s i’s to the full effect!  Extreme word play.  

Imponderable - Imperfection - Impeccable

Why the 3 i’s?  For a new knitter, knitting lace may seem beyond your capability, very challenging, and thus imponderable. Perfection is overrated, anything created by mortals, will be riddled with imperfection.  I believe that imperfection is the charm of homemade items. The imperfections are also how we grow and learn.

Impeccable is the opposite of Imperfection, as impeccable is of the highest quality & highest standards we strive to integrate into all of our projects.   

This Scarf/Wrap is designed to be all of those and more.  I want you to not only follow my directions, and also find your own path.  By the time you are done with this project, you will be ready to design your own scarf. 

3 i's Beginner’s Lace Scarf Pattern

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