Selling Fiber to Sinfully Soft
Sinfully Soft wants Giant Angora Rabbit Fiber

We take tremendous pride in raising healthy & happy Angoras. We utilize proper husbandry management, provide excellent animal care, apply appropriate grooming, and humanely harvest wool. When all these elements are executed, our loving angoras will produce us with an abundance of sinfully soft wool.


We do this, not only to acquire massive amounts of gloriously luxurious wool;

We do this, for the love of our Angoras.


We are in search of additional Giant Angora wool to use in our Sinfully Soft (SS) yarn.

We are also in search of like minded Angora lovers and wool producers.


Come Join Us!  GAFD! (Giant Angora Field Day!)


Several times a year, SS will host a GAFD Day.

There will be rabbits sheared, wool sorting, plus loads of Giant Angora educational fun.


This is the perfect time to come join us for Giant fuzzy fun.  This is a great opportunity to Show and tell us about your beautiful angoras, wool, and rabbitry, and then to sell us your Prime wool.

Check out the benefits of becoming a SS Wool Supplier

  • Free attendance to all SS's Educational Events.

  • Bring your beautiful Giant Angoras to shear, sell, trade, swap, etc.

  • Bring your homemade angora items.  We all would love to see your pretties you are making.  Plus SS offers sales consignments of your homemade items.

  • Bring your Giant Angora prime wool, SS will buy your excess prime. Refer to SS Quality Assurance (QA) Standards.

How To Become a Sinfully Soft Wool Supplier;

  1. Read thoroughly the Sinfully Soft Wool Quality Assurance Standard, noted below.

  2. Fill out the application, see link at the end. 

  3. Attend a GAFD if possible, and show off what you have.  We would love to see your wool, rabbits, pictures, and videos of your facility setup. If you are unable to attend a GAFD, SS will schedule a video conference for an introduction to new suppliers and their rabbits.

  4. Harvest following SS techniques & best practices.

  5. Submit your first wool, following SS Wool QA Standard.

  6. SS will review your information and QA Inspect your wool submission.

  7. Upon completion of all above, SS will issue your Silver Supplier Status.


Silver and Gold Supplier Status;

Upon completing the Application and passing the first Wool submission, the Supplier will be issued a Silver Supplier Status.  All wool submissions will be 100% QA inspected.

After three successful wool submissions, the wool supplier is granted Gold Supplier Status.  Gold Supplier’s wool submissions will undertake a sampling QA inspection and qualify for a higher wool submission pay rate.

Both Silver and Gold Suppliers will be endorsed by SS and have free Rabbitry Listing on Sinfully Soft’s website.  All wool suppliers will maintain their Silver or Gold status by passing all wool submissions QA inspections.

As of 11/30/18 SS Pay rates are:

Silver Status $17.50 Per 100 Grams

Gold Status $21.00 Per 100 Grams

(100 Grams equal to approximately 3.5 oz)

* Contact Sinfully Soft for current wool submission pay rates, ""



Sinfully Soft Wool Quality Assurance Standard;


  1. The wool submitted will be the Giant Angora Rabbit wool type.

  2. The wool is be clean and free of all VM(vegetable matter).

  3. Blow out the Angora Rabbit’s coat prior to harvesting.

  4. Prime wool is between 3-5 inches long, excluding the protruding guard hair: Do not measure the guard hair.

  5. Only provide adult coats. All first harvests are baby coats. Keep the baby coats stored separately, as it is great for hand spinning.

  6. SS wants LESS guard hair. Spend some time dehairing right before shearing and/or while shearing.

  7. Sort prime wool into the following color groups:

  • White

  • Fawn: Tort, Tan, Red, Fawn

  • Gray: Black, Steel, Chinchilla, Blue

  • Chocolate

  • Chestnut

  • Misc: Any color plus slightly webbed prime fiber (no hard mats). It must be able to go through the mill’s machinery.

   8.  Label the wool with the following information;

  • Your name, email, & phone number

  • Weight in grams

  • Color

  • Date Submitted

Note: All wool will be QA inspected. Wool submitted that does not comply with SS QA standards will be returned to owner at the owner’s expense.

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