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BeautiFULL Handspun Angora Yarns

What is BeautiFULL Yarn? 

From the birth and loving maintenance of each bunny,

to the fulling  & winding of the finished yarn.  It is 100% Made with Love!

Angora BeautiFULL hand spun yarn is unique! It's all in the way the skein is finished. Fulling your finished skeins will encourage your angora halo to bloom while also stabilizing your yarn.

I take it further, the skein is fulled to the extreme, actually it is felted. It is definitely a challenge to acheive that sweet spot, in the fulling process.


The trick is to felt the skein enough, while not over doing it. When it's done right, we have a BeautiFULL Angora handspun yarn that doesn't have any of that annoying flyaway fuzz.


What you DO have is an Extremely soft, Extraordinarily durable, Exotically fluffy, Work of art!

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