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Sinfully Soft strives to produce outstanding high quality Angora Rabbit wool blend yarns.

We're working with small family operated farms. We only collect fiber from healthy, well cared, clean, and adequately housed animals. Meeting our high standards encourages good animal husbandry and ensures the exquisite quality of our products.


Meet Tammy Vaughn our instigator, entrepreneur, and go-getter front seat driver. If you have met her you know she’s the calm in the storm who will make you feel that any problem can be solved. Tammy is the drive behind the revival of the Giant Angora Rabbit. It’s still listed with ARBA as a rare breed, though.

Tammy has fallen in love with the luscious Giant Angora Fiber. The rabbits produce it prolifically. Tammy has started to have it spun into yarn blends that are sinfully soft. Because Tammy is always full of ideas, she created the company Sinfully Soft to sell our uniquely fine yarns.


See her Giant Angoras at Fuzzy Vaughn's Farm


Karin McTeague, is a force to be reckoned with. Don’t let her quiet demeanor, and sweet smile fool you. She is always genuine, honest, and extremely forthcoming in all her endeavors, especially with her passion in her Angora Rabbits. Karin strides for excellence in her rabbitry and the unequivocal health and well being of her rabbits. Karin’s Angoras produce an outstanding quantity, all the while embracing that ultimate soft luxury, we all love in our Angora apparel. Karin is continually helping others obtain their own excellence in Angoras, by sharing her interminable knowledge. Karin has a keen eye for quality in the rabbits, and she loves to enable others to be successful. Her love for sharing her angoras, their wool, and now introducing new scrumptious Angora Yarns; all are definitely contagious. A truly great Angora Yarn, aka “Sinfully Soft”, begins with people like Karin, loving their Angora Rabbits and managing the highest standard of excellence in their rabbitry.

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