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More Giant Hobnobs Coming!

Many thanks to Ashley & Angie Shaw for joining us to talk about prepping your wool for the mill. It was fantastic information, extremely valuable! Learning how we can do our part to set up our yarn run for success.

The video of our chat will be posted to Sinfully Soft's YouTube Channel soon.

I view our yarn making adventure as a partnership. It begins with our beautiful fuzzy critters, as they grow that wonderful Angora fiber. We also have our work cut out for us; feeding & tending to the bunnies.

Utilizing proper husbandry management. Providing excellent animal care. Applying appropriate grooming. Humanely harvesting wool.
When all these elements are executed, our loving angoras will provide us with an abundance of sinfully soft wool.

We will then properly harvest the wool, sort it, package it, & ship it. Finally it arrives at the mill, then the magic happens. Our luscious angora wool is transformed into incredibly luxurious yarns. If we all do our part, to the best of our ability, we will have the most scrumptious yarns on the planet, it's all teamwork.

I miss mingling with my Angora Lovers, always learning, sharing best practices, & fostering fellowship. Zoom seems to be a great place to start. We can meet up & see each other's beautiful smiling faces, as we catch up & chat.

This has encouraged me to continue to plan more Zoom chats. As we move forward living with Covid and now the RHD threat, it is clear that we need to embrace new ways to connect.

My goal is to host weekly chat sessions. Schedules will be listed on Sinfully Soft's wix app, see the Events Tab.

Each week we will cover a main topic.

Occasionally we will invite a special guest speaker. If time eludes me, we will still meet to chat, as we can share our current Angora projects, knitting, crocheting, felting, weaving, etc.

See our growing list of topics below;

  • Shearing overview. Focusing on genital area, chin, & trimming toenails.

  • RHD Bio Security. What's your process?

  • Shearing Giant schedule.

  • Chestnut genitics. What makes or brakes a good Chestnut in Angoras.

  • Shearing some Giant babies. When & Why

  • Shearing challenging areas. Dewlap, genitals, etc. How to hold them safely.

  • Giant BIS contender grooming tips

Let me know if you have topics to add!

Hope to see you at our next

Giant Zoom Hobnob!

Here's the link to the next Zoom Chat!

RSVP to reserve your spot!

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