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I am always looking for easy & fun ways to utilize my Angora Yarns; handspun, Sinfully Soft’s angora yarns, & my overwhelming ever growing stash.  I was truly inspired by the “Copycat Cowl, by Verna Glass.

I changed things up a bit, adding german short rows, to eliminate ribbing & purling, you can keep on knitting ;-).  I am also utilizing two different weights of yarns & two different needle sizes to accentuate the rippled, draping look to the cowl.



MC, Main Color, 150 yds any Bulky weight.
* Pictured; Sinfully Soft’s Extra Fuzzy Handspun Angora Yarns.    


CC, Contrast Color, 100 yds any Fingering, Sport, or DK weight.

* Pictured; Sinfully Soft’s Sport Yarns. 


I love this beautiful easy & fun knitted cowl. The cowl sits gracefully on my shoulders, gently drapes, and the angora yarn provides the feeling of a wonderful warm hug.

Angora Rippled Cowl Pattern

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