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This hat has a cute bunny butt on the front, the words “❤ Fuzzy Buns” on the back, & topped with a huge pom pom - mimicking a bunny tail. 


This color work has very little repeats, and does require counting and focus.  Beware, there are many long floats.  Ensure you capture your long floats every 2nd stitch.  Otherwise this is a quick and easy knit. 


Note:  Locking floats every 2nd stitch, guaranteed to blow your mind!  Once you learn how easy it is, you’ll be excited to say “Goodby” to all long floats.

Kyle Kunnecke’s Locking Floats Video


Especially worth the effort when you are able to attach the pom pom!  Soooo cute!


Pictured is knitted is our Sinfully Soft's Blissful Kettle dyed DK yarn, using only 200 yards.

❤ Fuzzy Buns Hat Pattern Download

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