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Kettle Dyed Blissful Collection DK Weight


3-Ply 200 yards100g/3.5oz

50% Angora Rabbit

30% Merino Wool

20% Silk


The Blissful Collection of Sinfully Soft Yarns has the perfect blend, it is my personal favorite!


The fine Merino wool provides next to the skin softness and gentle elasticity.


The silk magnifies the shine, strength, and the silky feel of the yarn.


Finally, with 50% Angora rabbit, the yarn has extreme softness, and has the perfect subtle Angora halo for a unique luxurious look!


We take tremendous pride in raising healthy and happy Angoras.

We utilize proper husbandry management, provide excellent animal care, apply appropriate grooming, and humanely harvest wool. When all these elements are executed, our loving angoras will provide us with an abundance of sinfully soft wool.

Blissful DK, Something in the water

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