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Join the Fun! IAGARB's Contest!

I see a great way to help support our local Angora Breeders!

Germans, Giants, Satins, English, or French Angoras; we all have our favorite breeds. We all have minimally, the same 2 things in common;

  1. Our passion for our rabbits.

  2. Our addiction to the extremely glorious wool they produce.

I challenge all of you to buy at least 1 skein of IAGARB's yarn, knit a fabulous project, & enter it in the contest!

It's kinda funny, as a friend asked me why I would consider entering this contest, let alone buy another brand of Angora yarn. Especially other than my own Sinfully Soft yarns, goodness knows, I have plenty in storage, lol. Quite simply... we all need to support each other. Not only in our fiber & yarn persutes, but also as neighbors & fiends.

We all win,

when we can band together!

It's a winners all around!

Sharing the Fuzzy Lov'n!

Let's see those fabulous Angora hats, shawls, cowls, mittens, etc! Besides who's the looser here? Absolutely no one! We all end up with a beautiful Angora garment, help support our local rabbit friends, plus get a chance to win a generous award!

I'm in! I've got my yarn ordered & planning my project now!

How about you? What are you going to knit?

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