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Tammy's shearing set up

A brief look at my shearing desk in the bunny barn. Prime, 2nds, 3rds, & a dye pot bucket.

  • Prime wool goes into future Sinfully Soft Yarns.

  • 2nds are destined to be handspun.

  • I save all the pee stained prime, it's great stuff for the dye pot, then later handspun.

  • I even have a special use for my clean 3rds & second cuts. More on that later.

  • My poopy bits, aka dingleberries, are saved in a seperate 2 gal bag on the side. In the spring, I line the top of my outside flower pots, then I top it off with a layer of huge pokey pinecones. The Angora layer provides a bit of nutrients from the poppy bits, plus it makes a terrific moisture barrier. The pinecones are my cat repellent.

Special note: Make sure you do NOT put long Angora wool anywhere in your garden, where you may use a rototiller in the future. If it doesn't compost thourally, it can wrap around our blades. (My hubby was a bit anti-angora wool in the garden after that).

My goal is to use every bit of that lovely goodness my bunnies produce. Geepers and the Giant Angoras produce a tremendous amount!

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